IS a publisher of award-winning military science fiction, military fantasy, biographies & memoirs. We are unapologetically pro-liberty, pro-2A, and generally a rad bunch of folks.

Some of our popular series include Galaxy’s Edge & Forgotten Ruin by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole, Mongol Moon (and THE SEQUEL) by Mark Sibley, LAND&SEA by Blaine L. Pardoe, and plenty of other fantastic books by established and up-and-coming authors (including Demp aka BudLightSadness, but you didn’t hear that from us). You can find a full publishing list somewhere. We forgot where we put it.

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WarGate is a publisher of War & Military Fantasy, Science Fiction, Biographies and Memoirs including Galaxy's Edge, Forgotten Ruin, Mongol Moon, LAND&SEA, The Lost and more. Liberty is good. WarGate Operators are our people.


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